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Gregg’s Bio (cont’d)

Join us today at the Canadian Orca Rescue Society and together we can make a difference.

If not now, then later may be too late to save them. I was involved in the Clayquat Sound People’s movement to save the ancient rainforest from destruction, and I am proud to say I am arrestee 143 from the over 900 hundred people who got arrested in the biggest civil disobedience movement and arrest in Canadian history. We made a difference – we saved the old-growth forest and all of the amazing life that lives in these ancients forests. We are not asking anyone to get arrested, we are a peaceful movement that wants to gather as many signatures on a petition as we can to present to our Prime Minister in Ottawa. Let our voices be heard from British Columbia to the Atlantic Provinces. Our waterways all across this great county are under attack – we need to do more than just elect politicians to government that say they will get the job done right, but won’t without our help. We need to be involved in protecting our natural beauty from mis-guided natural resource polices

Gregg Vincent Mcelroy