The Canadian Orca Rescue Society is launching the Orca Food Drive to help save the Southern Resident Orcas. The Southern Resident Orca Pods are starving to death due to lack of salmon. As a result, we are launching our Orca Food Drive to help fund the Four Mile Creek Hatchery in Port Renfrew. This hatchery has put out over 40 million salmon since it’s beginning in 1977, all of them released into the San Juan River to help build up the natural salmon population. Despite Government closures to sport salmon fishing areas and the obvious benefits which come from having millions of Chinook salmon released into the ocean, Four Mile Creek Hatchery’s contract has been cut by DFO. Their future is in peril and they are a source of salmon for the Southern Resident Orca Pods. We need more hatcheries along the coast so help us save it. Salmon benefit everyone, the orcas, the fishermen, the seals and sealions, and when they come up stream to spawn and die, they benefit the bears, seagulls and the soil in the forest. Help us create a thriving environment by keeping Chinook Salmon hatcheries along our coast.

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…or a whale pilot, or a navigator. Fly a whale for us in the next demonstration! We also need whale navigators to guide the whales. Join our Facebook Page to keep up on our actions. We need help from all sorts of people, scientists, environmentalists, people to help build the surrogate whales, media professionals and anyone interested in saving the orcas. You can also attend our meetings and help us get the word out. Join our group and help us give a voice to the whales. The long-term goal of this society is to gain legal rights for the orcas under our Canadian legal system to protect them and their habitat forever. Several precedents have been set around the world granting non-human rights to animals and rivers under The Rights of Nature Legislation ie: http://therightsofnature.org/ecuador-rights/ and https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/mar/16/new-zealand-river-granted-same-legal-rights-as-human-being

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Should an oil spill occur in the Salish Sea, the consequences will be dire. Despite Prime Minister Trudeau’s insistence that money invested in marine safety will solve any potential problems, we know that is not the case. The dilbit coming through the Pipeline is mixed with a proprietary batch of chemicals to help it flow and these chemicals are secret. We don’t even know what they will spill into our oceans or how to counteract it. The surface will be soured by a slick of unknown chemicals which will be distributed by waves and wind along our coastline, killing shellfish beds, birds, salmon, and destroying orca habitat. A majority of the dilbit is heavier than water so it will sink to the bottom of the ocean and continue to pollute the environment for years to come, decimating any chance of recovery for shellfish and irreparably harming the ocean environment. There is no technology to clean up the ocean floor. Oil boom testing and recovery operations only work in calm waters, and even the smallest waves can cause breaches in the boom. Tankers continue to malfunction, people continue to make mistakes and the risk to our environment is not worth it.

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