Who We Are…

Gregg McElroy
I have lived in Victoria, BC for over 41 years. I love it. I raised two children here, this my home! I would not like oil tankers and ships going through my home. BUT that is what is happening to the beautiful resident Orca whales who have to live with it every day. Kinder–Morgan’s proposed pipeline expansion in the Vancouver area will bring in approximately 350 MORE OIL TANKERS into the Strait of Juan DeFuca every year, Into the very homes of the Orca whales living peacefully there. They will not survive this invasion to their natural habitat, which is not ours to ruin!!!  Something must be done, and must be done now before the pipeline is built. So help us now to fight and get Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reverse this decision and save the Orcas for future generations to marvel at and to be amazed by their beauty and power.



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Eric J. Pittman, MB.

Former helicopter pilot, award winning wildlife photographer, hummingbird expert, blogger for Nature Conservatory of Canada, Guinness World Record holder and long time conservationist.
Eric works have been featured in such notable publications as National Geographic and he has worked with BBC Wildlife films to help them film hummingbirds.
His popular website and facebook page Hummingbirdsupclose.com is where his expertise in hummingbird research and photography are featured.


Mike Laing
Web design and development, IT, lots of creative output from print-ready volumes to multi-page websites are the areas I focus on, with a side of logo creation and general illustration including (but seriously not limited to) children’s books, posters, signage, Jumbotron animations,etc. Too much to list. Happy to live in Victoria, be happier if the short-sighted individuals with the power to make positive change in this direction would do so.